Enjoy making turnovers such as dumplings, empanadas and pastelillos but don't like the amount of time it takes to fold and press each one? Then the Dual Head Dough Presser Mold is just what you need! Save time while making a perfectly shaped and pressed dumpling or turnover each time.

Efficient: The Dual Head Dough Presser Mold is both beginner friendly while providing ease and convenience for the more advanced cook. Helps with making a large batch in a shorter period of time and with half the effort.

Convenient & Versatile: The Dual Head Dough Presser Mold can make two wraps at a time and can be used to make different types of turnovers such as dumplings, meat patty, empanadas/pastelillos, pies, wontons, ravioli, and so much more.

Easy To Use: Sprinkle some flour on each mold head to prevent sticking, add the dough to be wrapped on each mold head, then add filling and press to make the dumpling, empanada or turnover of choice.

Cleaning: The Dual Head Dough Presser Mold is durable and easy to clean. Simply wash and rinse with soap and water.

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Dual Head Dough Presser Mold

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