Now you can have ice on the go without worrying about an ice tray with our Portable Ice Ball Molder! The ice ball maker is versatile, perfect for making ice to take on the go while also functioning as a water bottle. You can easily make ice balls out of your favorite drinks for a cool and refreshing fun twist.

Convenient & Easy To Use: Simply fill up the ice ball maker with water or desired drink of choice. For best result, do not fill liquid past the ice mold right below the top one. Gently squeeze until liquid rises to the top to squeeze out excess liquid and air, close and freeze for 6-8 hours. After, take out of freezer and let stand for 2-4 minutes, then gently twist left and right to break up ice. Remove lid then holding onto the side handles, gently pull/stretch apart, pour out ice and enjoy with your favorite drink!

Lightweight: The portable design of the ice ball maker makes it easy to carry around.

Versatile: Can be used to make ice balls with soft drink, juice, coffee or any of your favorite iced drink!

Easy to Clean: Pour in warm water (cannot exceed 104 °F) with a little bit soap, close lid and give it a hard shake a few times to get a good effect, then rinse out.

Space Saver: The ice maker is collapsable when not in use so it does not take up much space.

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Portable Ice Ball Molder

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